How to grow new Business | Most important 10 tips to Grow your Business

Hello friends, if you want to start a startup or a new business, then today it has become a big task. While various types of companies are providing their products and goods and services in the market at low prices, there is also a lot of competition among distributors and traders. Everyone is dealing with quality in the market to make themselves better. There are some companies whose products are really very good and with the help of this they are maintaining their market, but there are some companies whose service is very good. But if both the company and the product are not of good quality, then it becomes a big challenge in the market. To overcome this challenge, we are giving you some tips which will take your business towards progress.

(1) Selection of right and educated employee

It is a big problem for traders that how to choose the right and honest person. While making the selection, how will we be able to predict how he will perform in the market? The recruiter should select employees who truly need the job. Whatever be the sector, the only condition is that he should have knowledge of the market. There should be knowledge of what is the interest in the market, how to handle the clients, only that person can take your business forward.

(2) Special attention should be paid to service

Whatever client or organization is associated with you for the purpose of doing business, you should always be treated well. He should be supplied with goods as per his need. The price of the product should be kept updated by paying special attention to it. To ensure that no other competitor/company like you approaches your client, you should always be updated with the client.

(3) Must respect your marketing manager

This is the biggest formula of marketing that marketing is the key to business and the person who runs this key is the marketing manager who helps you a lot in taking your business from ground to sky, hence he should always be respected.

(4) Other facilities for marketing manager like incentives, perks and transport facilities etc.

If you look at the records, you will find all the big companies, like Tata, Reliance or any pharmaceutical company. All those companies provide many schemes, medical, facilities and foreign tours etc. to their employees, and their employees also give their 100% to the company with good behavior in the company, due to which there is no need to tell much about these companies today. It doesn’t matter what level it has reached.

(5) Plan scheme for your client also

Today, all the big industrialists doing business in the market give big schemes to their customers as gifts.

(6) Proper and timely delivery of goods

The only reason why companies like Zomato and Swiggy have been able to build such a big business in a very short time is service. If you also deliver their goods on time as per the list sent by the company, then you create positive thinking for them. Because material delivery is also a good segment which helps you in moving forward.

(7) Correct transaction of money

Correct transaction of money is very important for both the company and you. Your prices should be as per what you wrote on the price contact while contacting. If the price of a product suddenly increases then you should inform the client at least 15 days in advance so that he is aware of the current market price. Thus, keeping the client updated strengthens the relationship that exists between you and the company.

(8) Participating in a trade festival organized by the government or institution

At present, the Government of India and the State Governments are promoting business and want to help the business in every way, be it finance, space or infrastructure development. Because this type of business connects you with new products, new merchants and new customers and makes you aware of what is going on in the market.

(9) Providing samples to our customers

The sample sounds very strange but despite being small, its impact is huge. A company that provides samples leaves a good impression in the eyes of the customer. As soon as the client receives the sample, half your work is done. Now you have to discuss only about the rate. Therefore, try to give at least one sample to the client. He will remember you only as a sample, otherwise you come to him like no other.

(10) Most accurate formula

When none of the above formulas work, then after giving your visiting card to the client and taking the right time, come back from there for the next meeting, and after three days call him and just ask, Sir, I would like to meet you. Yes, please tell me the time. You will get to know the behavior of the client in this meeting itself. Rest you are running the company, I hope you will understand further.

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