Central government issued new science awards

Nearly a year after its ministries decided to cut the number of awards given annually, the central government is set to institute National Science Awards (56 awards) to honor scientists, technologists and innovators. Similar to the prestigious Padma Awards, these awards will not include any cash component, in that they will likely confer a certificate and a medal to the awardee.

According to the proposal, which has not been made public yet, the RVP will include three Vigyan Ratna, 25 Vigyan Shri, 25 Vigyan Yuvasanti Swarup Bhatnagar and 3 Vigyan Team awards.

Multidisciplinary Award

These awards will be given annually for Physics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Medicine, Engineering Sciences, Agriculture, Science, Environmental Science, Technology and Innovation, Atomic Energy, Space Science and Technology and Class 13 .

In its previous incarnation, the prizes also had a significant cash component. The Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar (SSB) awards, given by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) since 1958, now carry a salary allowance of Rs 5 lakh per winner.

The new awards will also be open to Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs), although a maximum of one of these can be awarded Vigyan Ratna, while 3 PIOs each can be selected for Vigyan Shri and VY-SSB.

However, PIOS will not be eligible for science team awards.

Vigyan Ratna awards will be for ‘lifetime contribution with excellence made in any field of science’, Vigyan Shri – for ‘distinguished contribution in any field’, and SSB – for ‘exceptional contribution of young scientists’. Will be. The Team Award will be for three or more researchers who have made ‘exceptional contributions as a team’. There is no age limit for any award except Pos SSB, for which the recipient must be below 45 years of age.

Starting from 2024

The awards will be announced annually on May 11, which is National Technology Day, and the awards will be given on 23rd August, National Space Day. These are the days when India successfully conducted its second nuclear test in 1998, and then launched Chandrayaan-3’s Vikram lander on the Moon this year. According to the proposal, the RVP awards, which will begin in 2024, will be given by the President or the Vice President.

A committee will be constituted every year, comprising secretaries of six science ministries, four presidents of science and engineering academies and six eminent scientists and technologists from different fields. CSIR will coordinate the administration of the award process for two years, after which it will be taken over by the proposed National Research Foundation. The Hindu

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