OnePlus new mobile | OnePlus announces Oxygen OS 14

OnePlus will also be introducing its new performance platform, Trinity engine, with Oxygen OS14 mobile.

OnePlus 11, OnePlus 11R and Nord-3 will be the first phones to get it.

Features of OnePlus Oxygen-14

The Trinity Engine includes CPU, RAM and ROM vitalizations, HyperBoost, HyperTouch, and HyperRendering. All these technologies are guaranteed a versatile fast and smooth experience in scenarios such as multi-tasking, intensive mobile gaming and long-term usage, all these information is provided by OnePlus.

“Powered by OnePlus latest innovations, OxygenOS14 will be the most intelligent and intuitive software product in OnePlus” Said by Kinder Liu, President of OnePlus.

Source : The Hindu

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