The most powerful countries in the world

  1. The United States of America is the most powerful country in the world. Its power index score is 0.0712. The US has a huge military arsenal, which includes 92 warships, 11 aircraft carriers, 13,300 aircraft and 983 attack helicopters. It has the largest defense budget globally, three times that of China.
  2. Russia With strengths in aircraft, aviation and naval forces, Russia has a Power Index score of 0.0714. By 2023, Russia has a substantial air force with 4,100 aircraft and a strong navy.
  3. China is currently a growing power in global influence. Its power index score is 0.0722. It has a significant military force with 50 warships and 78 submarines.
  4. India‘s strength is underlined by its substantial population. Its power index score is 0.1025. As of January 2023, India has an active military force of 1.5 million personnel.
  5. The United Kingdom‘s position is strengthened by its strong manpower, airpower, and financial position, resulting in a Power Index score of 0.1435.
  6. South Korea, which is facing constant tension from North Korea, has tremendous military power. Its power index score is 0.1505.
  7. Pakistan, which was credited not only to its military power but also to broader factors such as natural resources and geographical proximity. It has achieved a Power Index score of 0.1694.
  8. Japan, has a power index score of 0.1711.
  9. France has achieved ninth position globally, displaying strengths in air tanker aircraft, helicopters and destroyer warships. It has achieved a Power Index score of 0.1848. with 404 helicopters and two aircraft carrier warships, Italy has achieved a Power Index score of 0.1973 (Apple Inc. stock)
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