What is SGE in Google | Search Generative Experience

In August, Google introduced several new sub-features for SGE. The biggest of them was the feature called SGE while browsing. The feature, which has been launched exclusively for Chrome on desktop and Google Search on Android, allows users to open a special Google Search side panel while browsing a webpage.

Meaning of SGE

Google SGE is short name of Google Search Generative Experience. It stands for Generative Artificial Intelligence. Basically, This is a Google’s search engine, which is AI based. SGE is an experimental version of the Google search engine, which integrates results/answers powered by generative AI into query responses. Google did this at its I/O 2023 event in May.

It generates relevant answers to complex questions. It’s not quite a chatbot like Google Bard, ChatGPT, or Bing Chat, but you’ll see responses that try to provide broad but concise answers to some of the questions you might have when searching the web. SGE aims to develop the search experience by providing users with faster understanding of topics, uncovering new perspectives & insights.
It includes 3 core AI-powered prospects –

  1. AI Snapshot
  2. AI Tips
  3. AI Shopping

Concept of Google SGE

Recently, Google announced Search Generative Experiences as a limited-test opt-in feature in the United States at its I/O 2023 conference in May. The announcement follows a campaign by Microsoft to integrate ChatGPT into a variety of products, including Windows, its search engine Bing and other apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint. (Sources – Dainik Jagran News)

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