Meaning of Sustainable Aviation Fuel | What is the relation between SAF & GHGs ?

The full form of SAF is Sustainable Aviation Fuel. It is a bio-fuel, mainly used to power aircraft. This fuel has properties similar to conventional jet fuel, but with a lower carbon footprint. Depending on the feed-stock and technologies used to produce it, SAF can redue life cycle GHG/Green House Gases (Carbon dioxide, Methene, nitrous oxide, Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) & Ozone) emissions dramatically compared to conventional jet fuel.

The following things are used in the preparation of sustainable aviation fuel, in which sustainable aviation fuel is prepared by corn kernels, wet waste, paddy straw, solid waste collected by the municipality, forest waste, agricultural waste, mustard and groundnut oil, sugarcane bagasse and algae etc. If you calculate an estimated 1 billion dry tons of biomass can be collected sustainably each year in the US, enough to produce 50-60 billion gallons of low carbon bio-fuels

Greenhouse gas self-sufficiency can be reduced through sustainable aviation fuels.

Apart from this, various benefits are obtained directly, such as …

  • Extra revenue for farmers
  • Eco friendly environment
  • Improved Aircraft Performance
  • To create more jobs for production in SAD
  • Cheap and renewable demise etc.

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