What is VPAID | How is it helpful in adsense?

VPAID is the short name of Video-Ad Interface Definition. It’s an IAB standard that allows a video ad and a video player to communicate with each other. VPAID defines a uniform run-time environment so that a compliant player can accept any compliant advertisement from any other party. Here, Ad Manager supports to VPAID 2.0 in HTML5 Programme.

With the help of VPAID, user is more interested in video ads rather than text and images ads. so, here to make more chances to generate more revenue for owner because video ads is generated high CPC and impression also.

VPAID creatives should be used in a VAST ad, and they require a VAST is necessary for rich media ads that are displayed concurrently in a video player. For intense, suppose you have an interface overlay ad that should interrupt video content playback when the user interacts with the video ads.

For example, An ad on Youtube is called VPAID ad. because there is no text and images ads on youtube videos.

There are many benefits of VPAID

  1. It helps to allow the resizing of the ad.
  2. It allows interactive elements in video ads in a video’s.
  3. It allows the ad to update the videos when the ad finishes, so that the player can resume the video content.
  4. VPAID allows a video ad and a video player to communicate with each other.

These information is created with the help google.

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