What are Vignette Ads & Role of this ads?

Vignette ads that ads are Full Screen Ads that appear between page loads.

Vignette ads are essentially one type of these Adsense Auto ad formats, which can be put to use for generating more revenue for website owners. Vignette ads is the part of adsense. The Vignette Ads are actually by products of the Google Adsense auto ads. They are popular for their ability to leverage the use of Machine Learning automatically placing ads on various web pages of websites, which are already approved. To access Vignette Ads,

Visit to Vignette ads – you must first go to the Adsense account, where you will find an option called Auto Ads, inside which there will be 3 types of Ads, the first one will have Overlay format adsAnchor Ads, Side Rail Ads and Vignette ads can be seen. Which will help you in increasing your revenue.

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